About Us

Complete Vault Solutions Australia (CVSA) is based in Adelaide South Australia, established in 2012 we provide a full range of competitively priced high value asset protection products to all areas of the Australian market.

CVSA are importers of the complete Hamilton Safes (US) range of physical security products that are recognized or listed by the US Standards of Underwriters Laboratories for Electrical Safety, Bullet and Burglary resistance as it applies to each product.

CVSA modular vault systems are of the very highest quality, and manufactured with high-strength pre-cast concrete panels. Available with UL and GSA ratings, solutions are available to satisfy every regulatory and insurance requirement. Panels are formed in a state-of-the-art facility, with computerized process controls to ensure consistent quality and conformity to label ratings.

Quality Construction
Every aspect of manufacturing vault panels is aimed towards satisfying the needs of our customers. The ultra-high strength concrete core along with the formed steel pan provides high security construction and installation. The result is a very rugged vault panel that can meet very close dimensional tolerances. The panels can be manufactured quickly, shipped conveniently and installed easily

UL Tested for Performance
Underwriters Laboratories performs attack tests on the vault panels to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements for burglary resistance. They also conduct in-plant inspections to ensure that the panels are constructed using the proper procedures and materials.

CVSA is committed to a higher standard. Our own quality control procedures demand that the product you receive will exceed the minimum requirements and your expectations.

The Modular Vault Panels are Underwriter’s Laboratory listed, Burglary Resistant in U.L. Ratings:
U.L. Class M One-Quarter Hour
U.L. Class 1 One-Half Hour
U.L. Class 2 One Hour
U.L. Class 3 Two Hour

Ultimately, we ensure that the right vault systems are provided for our clientele, specific to their needs. We provide Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions, Government & Military Solutions, Armoured Car Industry Solutions, Financial Industry Solutions and Jewellery & Related Industry Solutions name but a few.

CVSA is owned and operated by Scott Harrison and Tim Firth who have a total of nearly 60 years’ experience in the security industry. Scott is a highly experienced, professional and accredited locksmith with ASIO –T4 endorsement, is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia and has been operating in South Australia for many years as owner of Hilton Locksmiths.

Tim Firth has held several senior management positions within Chubb Safes and Gunnebo Australia as State Manager, Regional Manager the most recent position being National Projects Manager primarily dealing in the provision of custom designed vault and strong room door solutions to many clients including but not limited to Corporations, Government both federal and state as well as the department of defence and defence based corporations.

He is fully versed in all areas of physical security protection and is able to provide cost effective solutions for clients in need of high value asset protection.

CVSA has made a commitment to the physical security needs of our customers by providing unequalled quality, timely delivery and lower project costs. Our modular vault panels will be shipped on time and will fit as designed. These factors result in overall lower total expense.