Bushfire Bunkers

Bushfire Bunkers

A Bushfire bunker is the best solution to safeguard your loved ones and yourself from the danger of bushfires. Many have been unfortunate enough to personally witness the Black Saturday bushfire, and the damage and devastation caused still haunt many of the survivors.

Sadly, a fire of such proportions isn’t rare in Australia, and it is difficult to accurately predict how bushfires will spread. In the unfortunate event that this should happen where you live, the construction of a bunker will offer the surest way of staying safe and intact.

Providing Safety

Safe rooms are built below ground, in order to offer maximum safety, and can come in a variety of sizes. Depending on specific needs, we allow for various levels of customization, such as extra space for storage of valuables, or bullet-proofed modular units.

The bunker will be able to provide clean air to residents by eliminating noxious fumes and heat through specially fitted air filters. The quality of the air will be maintained throughout, and there is no risk of anything harmful entering the well-sealed unit.


Though it is likely to be a short stay, it is always best to prepare your bushfire bunker for emergency situations. Since bushfires can spread rather quickly, they can take a while to extinguish properly, and the surrounding areas may be inaccessible for some time.

It is wise to stock up on a number of supplies once the bunker is constructed. These should include canned and dried foods, water and necessary medical equipment. Radio equipment is also essential, since the damage caused by the fire is likely to include local communications.

Our Services (or Company Name)

At (Company), we have the expertise to cater for a number of specific situations, regarding the construction of bunkers for bushfires. Our units can be built as part of a home, to provide extra security, or constructed outside of the premises.

Building a bunker is a once-in-a-lifetime expense, and can provide peace of mind for years to come. To ask for a quote, please e-mail us at (address), or phone us on (phone number).