Safety & Panic Rooms

Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms

Panic rooms and safe rooms are quite common overseas, and they are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as a way to ensure extra safety and protection in the event of a home invasion or catastrophic weather conditions. Additionally, both business and homeowners are installing safe rooms and panic rooms so they can be utilised in the event of a geo political threat. If you are a homeowner or business owner that is looking to install a safe room to increase the security of your family or business staff, you are definitely making a responsible choice. Additionally, safe rooms and panic rooms can double up as storage spaces and food pantries, so your investment will pay for itself.

Panic/Safe Room Purposes

The purpose of a panic or safe room is to provide a secure area for individuals on site in the event of a break in, home invasion, chemical explosion, or catastrophic weather condition. Safe rooms are fully stocked with non-perishable food, water, and gas masks, and they are typically constructed out of Kevlar and plastics. Panic rooms are commonly installed on middle or top floors, but if you live in an area that is particularly vulnerable to unpredictable weather, it is best to install the room on the lower level in order to ensure proper safety and protection in the event of a severe cyclone.

The entrance is the most important aspect of any safe room. It is designed to be hidden from intruders, so it is usually installed behind a book case or a pocket door that is well hidden from view. Depending on the level of security you are looking for, you may opt for a keypad controlled lock that can only be accessed from inside the room, and alternative lock options include steel locks and hinges that are built into the door. Whatever style of lock you choose, the only way to open the door will be from the inside out.

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Installing a safe room is a big step, and you can count on our designers to work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of the room meets your specific needs and follows all safety standards. If you are ready to get started with your safe room installation, please feel free to contact us for a consultation and we will be happy to advise on the best safe room design for your space.